"Paving the way for a realm of skyrocketing possibilities."

The History & Future of contracting and development in Egypt

"The construction sector in Egypt will provide various opportunities during the coming period, as contracting companies begin to play a major role as new investments start to rise in all fields of economy" - Ayman Tolba, Chairman

Contracting companies have a boundless drive to return to the pre-revolution state, in terms of projects abundance offered in the sector, after suffering for a few years of complete stagnation due to the great increase in prices of building materials, which brings us to a very vital point to address. Due to the dynamic market of building materials, the FIDIC contract system must be applied to all Egyptian contractors to guarantee the rights of both parties to the contract, whether the client or the contractor, to pave the way for a stable future and attract more investors.

Key Projects

Tolba The Entity

Tolba is a mother company that provides a massive variety of high-quality engineering solutions, construction and development all under one roof. tolba offers all kinds of services with the same amount of dedication and experience, delivering excellency with its utmost mastery.


During her visit to PS general hospital accompanied by the Governor, MG. Adel Al Ghadban.

During his visit to PS railway station accompanied by the Governor.

During his visit to PS railway station accompanied by the Governor.

During her visit to PS general hospital accompanied by the Governor, MG. Adel Al Ghadban.

During the opening the first phase of PS railway station.



This is what we’ve been doing for the past 45 years, at first it was just a discipline then we turned it into a form of art, and this is always the result when you’re passionate about what you do. To break it down, Contracting is executing any type of scope in the best quality and according to the standard specifications known to the common industry with the least cost possible. Baring this definition in mind while doing our part, we always managed to set the standards on how to be become pioneers in the field of construction by setting an example for quality and consistency, which are the most important attributes to any contracting firm from our perspective.


Many projects that came across our journey of development had one common issue, and that was the lack of awareness in the design phase. We always try to do our best to make a reliable and an efficient use of all project spaces according to the scope needed. As a result, and to avoid future discrepancies caused by the lack of coordination in design, we offer our clients the opportunity to make use of our professionals who have been in the market for over 30 years, giving them the best engineering services and technical consultancies, when it comes to design, project management, handing over, and supervision. In this way, our clients can rest assured that their vision will always be in safe hands.


Staying up to date with a fast-paced industry like the construction industry requires frequent development to our knowledge and experience. With handing over 200+ residential and administrative buildings throughout the region, we at Tolba have initiated a specialized department in Project Development, where we give our clients the perk of having an extra shoulder to help them finance and operate any type of project starting with medical facilities up to high rise buildings where stakeholders at emerging regions like the New Capital will find it technically and financially beneficial.


Our Value Engineering services are there to promote the substitution of materials and methods used in the day-to-day industry with less expensive alternatives, without sacrificing functionality, and while maintaining the value of service offered to our respectable clients, making sure that the rest of the services our company provides like design, contracting, consultancy, and urban development are governed by the discipline of Value Engineering.

TOLBA, On The Map

CAIRO, Key Projects

Al Qobba Bridge Cardiology HospitalRegional Institute for RiverTransport Renovations for Nasr and Al Sadat Metro Stations

ALEX, Key Projects

Al Tabya Alex Railway Station

ISMALIA, Key Projects

Suez University Bilingual Amphitheater

PORT SAID, Key Projects

PS General HospitalPS Railway StationFarma MallPort Said National Musuem300+ Youth Living Residential Buildings, schools, and infrastructure projectsHENKEL Factory, Port Said Industrial Zone


Marsa Matrouh University

AL DAKAHLYA, Key Projects

General Authority For Investments Gamasa Offices

QALYOUBIA, Key Projects

Shebeen / Qalyoubia Railway Fences

AL MONOUFEYA, Key Projects

4 Women Medical Centers

AL BEHEIRA, Key Projects

Al Beheira Edco Railway Station8 Family Paramedical Centers

SUEZ, Key Projects

2 Medical Centers

DOMYAT, Key Projects

Port Said / Damietta Highway Tacking works

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